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Welcome to the Saint Petersburg in Russia website. This site has been setup with the intention of supplying all interested parties with all of the information and resources regarding Saint Petersburg in Russia they might need. St Petersburg is one of the world’s most spectacular and popular cities. The city is renowned for its ancient historical buildings, with a vast number of museums, monuments, and memorials to be found throughout its winding streets. As a thriving tourist hotspot, Saint Petersburg can be quite an expensive place to visit when compared to some other cities. Despite this, it remains one of Europe’s most visited cities. The city receives more than three million visitors per annum, and these comprise both Russian tourists as well as international tourists. Because of this level of popularity with tourists the city has seen a large degree of investment in hotel accommodation, meaning that it isn’t difficult to find a Saint Petersburg hotel that suits your needs, preferences and budget.

There are a wide variety of hotels in Saint Petersburg, accommodating all budgets and reflecting the full range of styles. There are business hotels, economy hotels, small family hotels and small luxury hotels, which can offer levels of comfort that are equal to that of many five star hotels. Saint-Petersburg hotels are spread throughout the city, but there are a great number clustered within the city centre, which are ideally situated to enable visitation to the city’s main sights, and the romantic and beautiful atmosphere that exists in central Saint-Petersburg. If you would like to ask us a question about Saint Petersburg in Russia you can drop us an email and with your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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